The Definitive Case on Thurman Munson's HOF Candidacy

This research effort is designed to provide insight into some of the historically significant but generally unknown contributions that Thurman Munson made to the game of baseball and to compare his career from an analytical perspective to the greatest Catchers of all time!

College All-American, MLB ROY, MVP, GG, WS Champ!

Thurman Munson was the 1st player in history with all 5 of the above distinctions. He is the ONLY Catcher in history with a .300+ postseason AVG (.357) AND at least 20+ postseason RBIs (22) AND at least 20+ postseason defensive CS (24). And he is one of exactly 7 Catchers in history to put up 45+ WAR in a period of 10 straight years while catching at least 1000 games - and the other 6 are all Hall of Famers!

Please download the article as a PDF or into iBooks, consider the information, and share freely with any and all potentially interested parties.  This is intended to provide new insights into Thurman Munson's career.  If you review only one page, please consider the summary points on page 23.